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Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing

Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing

Novochemy is fully equipped to provide a full range of services, including
1. Custom chemicals from mg to kgs.
2. Research projects, short and long term
3. Process improvements for commercial production
4. Semi-bulk quantities for manufacturing
5. Contract synthesis for combinatorial libraries
6. Strategic consulting in combinatorial chemistry and solid phase organic synthesis

For more information, call us at 86-(0)21-31261262, or send an email to

For Custom projects (non-stock), we promise to you that we will offer the following service.

1. We will note in the quote whether we made the same product before or not. Please feel free to contact us if you need more details about  the experience and synthesize ability.
2. The lead time we quote contains production time, testing time and delivery time.
3. We will report to you the progress every Friday usually.

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